If you reside at Gateway Plaza, or you resided at Gateway Plaza for any period of time since April 1, 2008, you could get a payment from this Settlement. If you believe you are a Settlement Class Member in this Settlement and you wish to participate in the distribution of funds from the Settlement, you must timely complete and the Proof of Claim form. Proofs of Claim must be completed either online, via U.S. Mail or email no later than April 16, 2020. Proof of Claim forms received after this deadline may not be accepted.

For more information about if you are part of the Settlement Class, please review the FAQ section of the website carefully.

File Online:

To file online, you will need to confirm your eligibility, and if applicable, your Unique ID, and address(es) and time periods for which you resided at the Gateway Plaza within the Class Period. Please have all this information ready before you start your claim. You will not be able to save your claim and finish up at a later date.

File by Mail or Email:

If you would like to file by mail or email, download a copy of the Proof of Claim form here. Please read the form carefully, and fill it out completely. Then, submit the completed Proof of Claim form to the information below:

Gateway Plaza Settlement
Claims Administrator
P.O. Box 4098
Portland, OR 97208-4098

Remember, all Proof of Claims must be submitted online or postmarked no later than April 16, 2020.